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Fleet Management


FleetFocus M5

FleetFocus M5 is the most technologically advanced software application software used fleet management. It can be accessed from any IE compatible browser device. It offers unparalleled ease-of-use, flexibility and security. The organization can achieve measurable reductions in maintenance and inventory costs. It supports custom report generation via Crystal Reports TM. It improves productivity, efficiency and customer satisfaction.


FleetFocus M4

FleetFocus M4 is a software application comprised of a portfolio of modules that offer a comprehensive suite of fleet management tools. Your organization can reduce maintenance expenditures and reduce inventory expenses. It will also benefit from concomitant improvements in productivity, efficiency and customer satisfaction.


FleetFocus MCMS

FleetFocus MCMS remains the leading choice among fleet organizations that rely upon IBM mainframe hardware platforms. It focuses on three primary cost centers: Equipment and Maintenance Costs, Personnel Performance , and Material Usage.
FleetFocus MCMS powerful functionality includes:

  • Vehicle specification and procurement
  • Shop management
  • Equipment management
  • Materials management
  • Labor management
  • Warranty administration
  • Financial administration

image39A system that supports continuous, real-time fuel management over any communication platforms. It can be integrated with FleetFocus TM line of fleet management solutions, so can be stored in a single, centralized database.It provides time fuel consumption data.
It can help the organization to improve accountability as in:

  • Fuel consumption savings up to 15%
  • Reductions in shrinkage of 10-20%