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Wireless and Microwave Solutions


No need to pay expensive leased line charges between buildings, or put up with the slow speeds associated with leased lines. Receive blistering speeds with minimal operating costs and ensures that your network is not the slowest link in your company’s performance!

Point to Point Wireless

Point to point wireless network links connect two locations together through line of sight (LOS), operating in unlicensed/licensed radio frequencies or through free space optics with speeds available between 100mbps to 10Gbps.
Typical Point to Point applications are:

  • Building to building connectivity
  • Leased line replacement
  • Fiber line replacement

Point to Multi Point Wireless

Point to Multi Point wireless networks, also used for outdoor hotspots, interconnect multiple locations to central access points through line of sight. They can operate in both the unlicensed and licensed frequencies bands. A point to multi point wireless network can be a highly cost effective replacement for leased lines.
Typical Point to Multi Point applications are:

  • Connecting multiple buildings
  • CCTV solutions
  • Lease line replacement
  • Fiber replacement


High Capacity Microwave

Central Communications is a leading provider of high capacity microwave backhaul solutions. We offer point-to-point wireless solutions from multiple manufacturers to allow private, government, and enterprise network operators to cost effectively deliver data, voice, and video services. Options range from 220 MHz to 40 GHz spectrum, licensed and unlicensed, to provide you the performance and flexibility required by today’s networks. . You’ll be able to better manage demand for microwave backhaul throughput, a reliability that also delivers:

  • Lower operating expenses
  • Enhanced productivity and efficiency
  • Maximized data throughput