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SpacePoint Network

      SpacePoint Network is a specialized mobile communication network powered by Satellite communication. Its roots lie in developing anywhere GSM coverage enabling fully featured mobile telephony, text-messaging, internet, and email services.
      SpacePoint Network fills the existing gap in GSM telecommunications services. The existing Telco's are not able to provide end to end service anywhere but we do.  If you are offshore oil company or running operation in empty desert, or have found it incredibly difficult to satisfy your needs from the large Telco operators then we do. Rover Network is focused on operation where mobile operators can not.
      SpacePoint Network provides a variety of specialized services for indoor coverage, rural connectivity in emerging markets, connectivity to offshore platforms and ships, private mobile networks or custom solutions for specific markets such as Internet of Thing (IoT), public safety, emergency or crisis communications.
      It combines connectivity to access social media apps, TV, live news, music, games, magazines and newspapers.
      SpacePoint Network still can customize any solution where ideas may seem difficult or impossible.  We will implement them to the best of our knowledge and expertise. Our special solutions is also designed for global enterprise PBX, IBS, MNO or MVNO.
      SpacePoint Network has partnerships with MNO, MVNO, and others in the region and across the world which means mobile phone users can have roaming ability in exactly the same way as international roaming.
      SpacePoint Network, GSM Anywhere service, providing remote areas with full GSM services was launched in January 2016.

GSM Anywhere

  • VSAT Network Infrastructure as a Service
  • Provide GSM Network as a Service
  • Fully operation GSM MVNO with Satellite backhaul as a service.
  • Roaming Agreements
  • Rural and remote region coverage
  • Small population 100~1000 subscribers coverage anywhere.
  • Design, Integrate, Install, Commission, Train & Support
  • Partnership and alliances is our strategy
  • Revenue Shared Business Model
  • CAPEX, OPEX, and revenue share models.

    GSM Anywhere Deployments


    Stand Alone

    Provide telecommunication services to the site community. It does not require you to be an existing mobile operator with a traditional core network of MSC, HLR, AUC, SMSC, SCF, etc. Standalone GSM Anywhere architecture is designed intentionally for 2G / 2.5G only.   It is integrated into a single, self-contained cellular base station, that is built to withstand the elements and suited to being powered from off-grid energy sources such as solar.  

    Clustered Standalone

    Provide telecommunication services to larger community and multiple sites using clustered GSM Anywhere architecture. This is an enhanced design for the Stand alone model. The sites can be nearby or scattered in different local or global locations. Cluster Standalone GSM Anywhere architecture is designed for combination of 2G / 2.5G as well as 4G/LTE  

    Classic Local Telco Extended

    Our design architecture is scalable where we extend to local mobile operator who have existing core network, we can seamlessly integrate into classic GSM architecture by presenting an A-over-IP interface towards their MSC.  

    Roaming Enabled

    Using advanced GSM / 3G technology for high quality prepaid and post-paid voice communication. Call-through at local tariffs with the local operators. Automatic SIM switch from local network to global network when going abroad and vice-versa. Coverage in more than 170 countries around the world