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GPS Device and Navigation System

image28Voice over IP (VOIP) is all about making and receiving calls using the internet at the price of regular internet browsing. This can be implemented on hotels, small to large corporate offices in place of or can be integrated with the existing PABX system. The technology allows voice traffic to be routed over the Internet or corporate intranet–which means virtually no billing at all for some long-distance calls and just local charges for others. All happens behind the scenes and is transparent to the user. The products available today can do this without apparent loss in quality, and companies are jumping on board to save bundles of cash.
For enterprises, its many significant benefits – including lower call costs, integrated voice/data applications,
and simplified network operations – remain out of reach.


  • Fast
  • Leads you in right direction
  • Helps improve mapping skills
  • Makes navigation easier
  • Plugs into your car